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1. January 15, 2024 | Environmental Health News
What we know about toxic chemicals and children’s mental health
Evidence suggests chemical exposures are altering children’s brains. We need to tackle this interconnected crisis.
2. January 12, 2024 | The Guardian
Emissions from Israel’s war in Gaza have ‘immense’ effect on climate catastrophe
First months of conflict produced more planet-warming gases than 20 climate-vulnerable nations do in a year, study shows.
3. January 12, 2024 | Reuters
‘Forever chemicals’ were everywhere in 2023. Expect more litigation in 2024
Lawsuits accusing major chemical companies of polluting U.S. drinking water with toxic PFAS chemicals led to over $11 billion in settlements in 2023, with experts predicting more litigation and settlements in the year ahead.
4. January 10, 2024 | Inside Climate News
Diet for a sick planet: studies find more plastic in our food and bottled water
Researchers find we can now wash down the microplastics in our tofu, or steak, with a much larger quantity of nanoplastics in bottled water than previously known.
5. January 10, 2024 | BBC
Microplastics are everywhere: Is it possible to reduce our exposure?
With tiny plastic fragments infiltrating every part of human existence, can we ever hope to avoid them?
6. January 10, 2024 | New York Post
Microplastics found in nearly 90% of meat, plant-based proteins
“The plastic pollution crisis is impacting all of us, and we need to take action to address its many forms,” one study author said.
7. January 10, 2024 | Environmental Health News
More than 900 common chemicals linked to breast cancer risk: Study
More than 900 chemicals commonly found in consumer products and the environment have been linked to breast cancer risk in a new study.
8. January 9, 2024 | Reuters
Microplastics in Antarctic studied in penguin droppings and water
The amount of microplastics in the Antarctic is being analyzed by using nuclear science to study the region's waters, sediment and even penguin droppings.
9. January 9, 2024 | AP News
Scientists find quarter million nanoplastic particles in a liter of bottled water
New research shows that the average liter of bottled water has nearly a quarter million invisible pieces of ever so tiny nanoplastics.
10. January 9, 2024 | The Tyee
Reducing the forever chemicals in the food we eat
Canada currently doesn’t test its agricultural soils for PFAS like some American states. But changes are coming.
11. January 9, 2024 | Environmental Health News
Beverages in metal cans may be a significant source of chemical contamination, study finds
A recent study published in the Journal of Hazardous Materials tested non-alcoholic beverages packaged in plastic, glass, cartons, and metal cans for contamination from endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs).
12. January 8, 2024 | The Conversation
Senegal’s small scale gold miners still use poisonous mercury: how to reduce the harm
Given the dangers of mercury toxicity and the high exposure of miners and their communities, solutions are needed to reduce their exposure.
13. January 8, 2024 | Environmental Health News
Inequities in air pollution exposure heighten health risks for India's vulnerable communities
Air pollution disproportionately affects marginalized communities in India, posing severe health and environmental risks.
14. January 8, 2024 | Environmental Health News
How BPA and its evil cousins dodge meaningful regulation
Editor’s note: This is part of an ongoing series, BPA's evil cousin.
15. January 5, 2024 | Consumer Reports
The plastic chemicals hiding in your food
CR tested popular fast foods and supermarket staples for some of the chemicals used to make plastic, which can be harmful to your health. Here's what we found—and how to stay safer.
16. January 5, 2024 | Chemical & Engineering News
EPA allows novel RNAi biopesticide for 3 years
The US Environmental Protection Agency has approved the use of a sprayable biopesticide that relies on RNA interference to combat the destructive Colorado potato beetle. The product is the first dsRNA pesticide in the world allowed to be sprayed on plants, according to the EPA.
17. January 5, 2024 | CBS News
BPA, phthalates "widespread" in supermarket foods, regardless of packaging, Consumer Report says
Among the supermarket foods tested, Annie's Organic Cheesy Ravioli, Del Monte sliced peaches and Chicken of the Sea pink salmon, had the most phthalates per nanogram.
18. January 4, 2024 | EOS
India’s disadvantaged groups face more air pollution
Air pollution disproportionately affects the poor and marginalized around the world, and India is no exception. A new study published in Scientific Reports shows that lower-caste communities and other socially disadvantaged groups have the greatest exposure in the country.
19. January 3, 2024 | Environmental Health News
Pakistan battles severe air pollution with school closures and cloud seeding
According to estimates, Lahore residents are losing an average of seven years of life span due to air pollution.
20. January 3, 2024 | Environmental Health News
Addressing racial disparities in phthalate exposure could reduce the risk of preterm birth
A new study in Environmental Health Perspectives found large racial and ethnic disparities in exposure to phthalates, chemicals that are associated with an increased risk of premature births.
21. January 2, 2024 | ABC News
How to reduce your exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in plastics, tinned food and even paper receipts
Shopping dockets? You are probably better off not handling them. Microwaving food in plastic? That is also not advised — and it is because of the 'disrupting' chemicals, which experts say are affecting vital systems in the human body.
22. December 28, 2023 | Aljazeera
Bangladesh capital most polluted as toxic smog engulfs South Asian cities
Capitals of India and Bangladesh see thick layers of toxic smog, ‘very poor’ air quality as normal lives are affected.
23. December 28, 2023 | Environmental Health News
Childhood leukemia linked to PFAS exposure
Prenatal exposure to some PFAS is associated with a higher risk of childhood leukemia, according to a large study published by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.
24. December 28, 2023 | The Guardian
Retailers to pay for consumers’ e-waste recycling from 2026 under UK plans
Households will be able to drop off cables and other electrical waste in-store or have home collections, says UK environment agency Defra.
25. December 27, 2023 | Earth.com
AI shows how microplastics are harming global soil and agriculture
While the pollution of oceans by plastics is widely recognized, the presence of microplastics in soils across the globe is equally alarming.