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Chem HelpDesk user guide for general public

The Chem HelpDesk is a web site that posts a database of questions on chemical safety from registered users and answers from experts in the field.

The Chem HelpDesk coordinates the question and answer process of questions related to the safe use and management of chemicals involving.

  • The Chem HelpDesk Coordinator and Executive Secretary are the administrators of the Chem HelpDesk website.
  • The Experts from a Community of Practice will provide answers to the questions from the registered users. The Community of Practice is made up of experts from various fields related to chemical safety, e.g. Toxicology and Environmental Health.
  • The Registered Users may submit questions to the Chem HelpDesk on issues related to Chemical Safety.
  • The General Public are able to search for and view questions and answers. They may also submit suggestions for improvement of the Chem HelpDesk. In the early pilot phase, the Chem HelpDesk question and answer service is available to registered users only.

The functional workflow of the Chem HelpDesk is divided into five steps below.