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How can the problem of heavy metal poisoning in humans be solved?
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How can we solve the problem of cadmium, mercury and lead poisoning in human?

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Answer from expert #1
The only way to solve this problem is to ensure that exposure to bioavailable
forms of these elements is kept to an absolute minimum. This requires that
drinking water is adequately purified, that food is monitored before sale to the
public, that the use of these metals is kept to a minimum, and that disposal of
contaminated waste is restricted to controlled and monitored sites. Once people
have absorbed toxic amounts of these elements in a bioavailable form, the
effects are essentially irreversible.

Answer from expert #2
I fully agree with the expert response above and have only one additional
comment for avoidance of poisoning in humans: since cadmium in particular
accumulates from soil into grains, crops grown on heavily polluted soils should
not be used for human consumption, but only as animal feed.

Answer from expert #3
Increasing public awareness and enforcing regulations are some of the response
measures to reduce and where possible and feasible prevent the problem.
Of particular concern is lead poisoning of children. Lead based paints used in
toys is a a source.
There is a need to prevent /protect the soil and water from heavy metals
contamination, as it will get into the food chain and affect human beings.