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Chem HelpDesk user guide for general public
About us (Chem HelpDesk)

The Chem HelpDesk was established as a joint initiative between the World Health Organization Regional Office for South-East Asia (WHO/SEARO) and the Chulabhorn Research Institute (CRI) through the International Centre for Environmental Health and Toxicology (ICEHT) in Bangkok, Thailand.

The aims of the Chem HelpDesk are to address the issue of the widening gap in the field of chemical safety between developed and developing countries, and to empower countries in the South-East Asian Region to manage the import, manufacture and processing, storage, distribution, transport, use, recycling and disposal of chemicals. This project was initiated in August, 2008 with the pilot phase running until July, 2010.

The Chem HelpDesk is not-for-profit, and through a website will provide cost-free answers to questions submitted by registered users. These answers will be provided by experts in the field who supply technical and scientific advice as part of our Community of Practice (CoP).

It is the aim of the Chem HelpDesk to benefit users and to help countries in areas of most need to protect human health through the safe use and management of chemicals.

The Chem HelpDesk Website provides a platform for:

1. Submitting questions about the safe use and management of chemicals, with answers being provided by experts (this service will initially be available only for registered users, although questions and answers posted onto the site will be viewable by all visitors)

2. Finding information related to the safe use and management of chemicals, including

  • News
  • Related websites
  • Activities

3. Sending suggestions, comments, or queries related to the use of the website by clicking the "Send suggestion" button, or emailing us at "coordinator@chemhelpdesk.org"

4. A keyword search of the whole website by clicking the "Search" button