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Which countries use endosulfan?
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Which countries are still using endosulfan?

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Answer from expert #1
Endosulfan is classified as a persistent organic pollutant (POP) under the
Stockholm convention. The ban should be in effect in mid-2012, but it has
already been banned in most countries.
The chemical is still in use and in production in India and China.

Answer from expert #2
India has reversed its opposition to a ban on the pesticide endosulfan, paving
the way for the 127 nations of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic
Pollutants (POPs) to agree a global moratorium on the use of the highly toxic
pesticide. India is the world's largest producer of the chemical and has state
run production facilities. China also reversed its opposition to a ban before
the beginning of the Fifth Meeting of the Stockholm Convention held in Geneva,
Switzerland, on 25 April.

Endosulfan has been linked with human health problems and may be an endocrine
disruptor. Agreement was reached on the final day of a conference on a ban,
which will take effect next year (2012), making endosulfan the 22nd POP to be
listed by the convention. In order to gain India's agreement, the Stockholm
Convention exempted 14 crops for a five-year phase out period, during which
India will receive financial assistance to help with the switch to alternatives.
Additionally, India has the option to apply to the Stockholm Convention for a
second five-year extension.

India's government must ratify the agreement before the phase out can start. The
country is home to nearly three-quarters of global production of endosulfan,
which is off-patent and, therefore, much cheaper than newer patented pesticides.
Endosulfan has already been banned or is being phased out in most countries,
including the EU and the US. In addition to Indian companies, the Israeli
company Makhteshim Agan is the only other producer of endosulfan.